Spring 2022 Issue is published!


Last Issue of the Syllabus Journal


We write to share our most recent issue of the Syllabus Journal. In the Spring 2022 issue you will find syllabi and tool box submissions in the fields of history, higher education, gender studies, humanities, environmental sustainability, sports studies, and continuing education.


We also wish to share that we will be ending our term as co-editors at the journal, and we thank you all for your engagement as authors, reviewers, and readers for these past many years. We have not been able to find new editors who are able to take up the responsibility of hosting, supporting, and editing this open access journal. Until that time, we will not be accepting any new submissions, but we do encourage you to reach out to us if you are interested in hosting and editing this open access journal at your institution or organization. We have a plan in place to keep the journal active for the time being and to archive it in the future should we not be able to find it a new home.


With many thanks,


Caroline & Katia

Co-Editors, Syllabus Journal