Tool Box: Helping First Year Undergraduates Develop Self-Management Skills


  • Angel W. Kaur UNC Asheville


The ability to effectively manage time and balance multiple obligations is crucial to the success of undergraduate students. This activity is designed to engage first semester freshmen in reflection and metacognition to build and maintain a self-management plan. Students learn about the six dimensions of wellness, effective strategies for self-management, as well as SMART goal setting. They use this information to collaboratively design a self-management strategy template that is used by each student to outline their goals for the semester. The plan is revisited and revised twice over the course of the semester to promote reflective practices and encourage students to identify and amend unhelpful strategies. While designed for a freshman seminar course at a small public liberal arts university, this activity could be included in any high school or undergraduate course to explicitly teach students crucial self-management skills.

Author Biography

Angel W. Kaur, UNC Asheville

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

Interdisciplinary Studies Department






Tool Box