Introduction to "The State of the Syllabus" Special Edition


  • Rebecca Frost Davis St. Edward's University
  • Matthew K. Gold The Graduate Center, City University of New York
  • Katherine D Harris San Jose State University


college courses, higher education curriculum, syllabus pedagogy,


Positioning the syllabus as a key artifact in the modern academy, one that encapsulates many elements of intellectual, scholarly, social, cultural, political, and institutional contexts in which it is enmeshed, we offer in this special issue of Syllabus a set of provocations on the syllabus and its many roles. Including perspectives from full-time and part-time faculty, graduate students, and librarians, the issue offers a multifaceted take on how the syllabus is presently used and might be reimagined.

Author Biographies

Rebecca Frost Davis, St. Edward's University

Associate Vice President for Digital Learning


Matthew K. Gold, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Associate Professor of English and Digital Humanities

Katherine D Harris, San Jose State University

Professor, Literature & Digital Humanities

Department of English & Comparative Literature