Teaching Introduction to Human Communication Online



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     The COM 101 Introduction to Human Communication online course is designed to teach the foundations of human communication and the functions of communication in everyday situations. After completing this course, students should: 1) know the history, structure and questions that define the field of communication; 2) understand the nature and importance of theory in the study of communication; 3) be able to identify key issues in perception, verbal, nonverbal, relational, small group, intercultural, and organizational communication; 4) be able to apply communication concepts and theories to everyday life; and 5) understand how Communication Studies fits within the social and behavioral sciences. This syllabus includes a course description, course objectives, course assignments, weekly schedule, course assessments, and course policies, and course policies for a freshman-level introduction to the field of communication studies.

Author Biography

Caroline S. Parsons, University of Alabama

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

The University of Alabama


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