Psychological Aspects of Physical Activity, Sport, and Performance


  • Jacob Cannon Jensen California State University, Northridge


College courses, Kinesiology, Sport Psychology


The Psychological Aspects of Physical Activity, Sport and Performance is an undergraduate course I teach each semester that focuses on the research and application of mental training tools and skills.  It is a required course for all Kinesiology majors.  This course perfectly lends itself to experiential learning, where I not only teach students about imagery, visualization, cognitive and somatic anxiety reduction techniques, meditation, and mindfulness exercises, but also take them through these exercises and practices so that they can experience them personally (Weinberg & Gould,  2015).  I have also included a mindfulness component to the course, encouraging students to incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine and coursework (Kaufman, Glass, & Pineau, 2018).  In-class and homework assignments are specifically set up to encourage students to begin their own practice of mindfulness, meditation, and mental training (Jensen, 2017).

Author Biography

Jacob Cannon Jensen, California State University, Northridge

California State University, Northridge

Assistant Professor of Sport & Performance Psychology




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