Politics and Film

Joseph W. Robbins


Politics and government courses remain an important focal point in higher education.  Indeed, many states require the offering of American government or politics courses as part of a college education.  There are numerous ways to orient such a course, but many approaches will at some level delve into the institutional nuances of this system to underscore the rules and procedures inherent in governments throughout the world.  This introductory class, therefore, has been designed with these nuances in mind and has been tailored for adult learners enrolled in online, inter-institutional platforms.  Though the course is housed in a political science department, the course has broader appeal.  As well, the course—in some form—has been offered in eight-week sessions each semester for the past six years.  The course itself primarily attracts generalist adult learners.  Consequently, pairing film with readings and lectures has proven to be an effective way to discuss the underlying values, inner-workings, and lasting challenges in political systems.



American government; politics; film study

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ISSN 2163-3177

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