Senior Capstone Seminar in Communication Studies



senior capstone course, communication, higher education, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, rhetoric, capstone project


The Senior Capstone Seminar in Communication Studies (COM 499) course gives advanced students an opportunity to integrate and synthesize what they have learned in the Communication Studies (COM) major. COM 499 prepares students to be competent communicators in their personal, civic, and professional roles and is the very last class that seniors take before they graduate. They must pass the class with a C- or better in order to graduate. The National Communication Association (NCA) standards of communication competence provide the grounding for the course. As part of the course, students are asked to demonstrate mastery or excellence in following NCA communication competencies: (1) communication theory and practice (ability to explain, synthesize, apply, and critique theories and concepts), (2) communication inquiry (ability to apply appropriate analytical tools to answer a question or solve a problem), (3) audience adaptation (ability to adapt messages, oral and written, to the diverse needs of an audience), and (4) critical thinking (ability to listen to messages actively, evaluate messages thoughtfully, and respond to messages mindfully).

Author Biography

Caroline S. Parsons, University of Alabama

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

The University of Alabama