Introduction to Applied Data Gathering and Analysis

Mary J Weber


Applied Data Gathering and Analysis, developed using a project-based approach, helps students explore their own workplace issues while actively learning a deeper understanding and application of research gathering and analysis concepts. Students will learn how to construct measurement instruments, collect data, analyze data, and present research in a variety of settings.  Collaboration in the online discussion forums is an essential element of learning in a seven week accelerated course.  Students take on an active role with their learning by engaging in all aspects of a research project throughout the course. Students select a topic that is relevant in a real-world workplace situation in which they are an active participant. Students learn how to narrow the topic and frame an appropriate researchable problem statement.  The research interview instrument is developed and must be in alignment with the research questions. Students gain first-hand experience in the research process in which the interview instrument is validated, data is collected, and analysis is completed.

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ISSN 2163-3177

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