Fostering Cultural Competency in Pre-service Teachers

Mary M Savage, Jonas A. Cox


Two professors, one from the School of Education (SOE) and the other from the Master’s of Teaching English as a Second Language (MA/TESL) program on a university campus constructed a syllabus to include English language learner (ELL) instruction and assignments.  Inherent within the syllabus was a qualitative study with fifty-five pre-candidate teachers enrolled in an initial teaching course within the SOE.  All students were given an overview of ELL theory and data were collected from consenting participants in the form of guided, written reflections done after hands-on practice with international students from the Intensive English Language program on the same campus.  Observations from data suggested both internal changes within participants as well as increased awareness and use of ELL strategies.  Inter-departmental collaboration created strategies for addressing state requirements on the inclusion of cultural competency legislation for all pre-candidate teachers in an accessible and practical manner.


English Language Learner; cultural competency; teacher training

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ISSN 2163-3177

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