Sport and Religion

Robin Hardin, Steven Waller, Lars Dzikus


Sport and Religion” is a graduate-level course offered in a kinesiology department with approximately 450 undergraduate students and 225 graduate students including 30 doctoral students. The class is offered at a state land-grant institution in the United States. The course was designed in a collaborative effort between three faculty members; two of whom co-taught the course. The faculty members come specialized in three different sub-disciplines: sport management, recreation management, and sport sociology. The 24 graduate students who enrolled in the class came from similarly diverse concentrations and specialization from the department including sport management, sport psychology, sport sociology, and therapeutic recreation. The class is also open to students outside the department and there has been some enrollment from the outside the department. In fact, this was the first class in recent memory that drew students from the otherwise compartmentalized program areas in the department. Thus, this course seeks to address the need to overcome the varying silos in the academy (Kretchmar, 2008) and the need for more interdisciplinarity in kinesiology (Vertinsky, 2009). The class is an elective for the graduate degree programs in the department.


Sport, Religion, Spirituality, Chaplains, Holistic Care

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ISSN 2163-3177

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