Introduction to Gender Studies

Kathryn Linder


As a full-time administrator who directs a Center for Teaching and Learning, I do not get to teach as often as I would like.  At my institution, I teach as an adjunct and will, on occasion, fill in for faculty members who are on sabbatical.  When I can teach I take the opportunity to try out new ideas, pedagogical methods, and new curriculum in my courses.  In spring 2012, I was offered the opportunity to teach Introduction to Gender Studies, which is a twice-weekly, face-to-face course taught at the 100-level.  The course is capped at 30 students and is comprised of a mix of students from all of the undergraduate levels.  In this essay, I describe three ways I chose to innovate in my course design: (1) structurally, I wanted to move beyond a course that was organized around weekly topics; (2) I wanted to embed more multimedia elements alongside reflective activities throughout the course; and (3) I wanted to create a course using principles of universal design.


gender, intersectionality, introductory course, universal design, multimedia

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