Health Program Planning and Evaluation: Enhancing Planning and Evaluation Skills Among Health Education Specialists


  • Amar Shireesh Kanekar University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • Nita Copeland University of Arkansas at Little Rock


planning, evaluation, health education


The syllabus provided in this manuscript pertains to a senior level undergraduate course in the area of health promotion and health education at a four-year university. The current course is a required course for the students in the health education and health promotion undergraduate program. This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about program planning, evaluation and measurement concepts in health education and health promotion; as well as their applications in a variety of settings such as school, worksites, universities and industry. Course content will include: needs assessment, planning models (including logic models), health behavior theories, evaluation terminology, information on writing measurable objectives, identifying evidence based models, designing and collecting data using quantitative and qualitative methods, and interpretation ofdata collected. This course is offered completely online-via distance education, using the Blackboard 9.1 learning management system.Student learning assessment is conducted via diverse modes such as a) discussion forums for student to student, student to instructor and instructor to student active asynchronous interaction, collaborative group project – a student driven innovative initiative which includes student interaction using various tools such as google docs, file exchange, blogs etc , c) advanced technology using web-conferencing tool such as ‘ Blackboard Collaborate’ and d)exams as a learning tool more than a testing tool with feedback for every correct and incorrect response.The primary audience for this course is health promotion and health education majors who minor in diverse areas such as psychology, writing, business, and nursing.


Author Biographies

Amar Shireesh Kanekar, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Assistant Professor, Department of Health, Human Performance and Sport Management, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Nita Copeland, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Senior Instructor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock